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Peugeot Daman Nutmeg Grinder 


Manual nutmeg mill in stainless steel and acrylic with magnetic cover 15 cm – 6in.

This Peugeot Daman nutmeg mill can hold 3 nutmegs. This highly practical nutmeg mill allows for fine grating with no risk to your fingers.

  • Size: 5.91in.
  • Material: Stainless steel and acrylic
  • Spice: Nutmeg
  • Grinding system: Classic setting
Brand: Category: Stock: In Stock

All the delicacy of nutmeg with a twist of the hand.

A tiny amount of freshly and finely ground nutmeg can transform the flavour of the whole dish. With the Peugeot Daman nutmeg mill, nutmeg can be grated and ground in complete safety. This ingenious tool is equipped with a powerful claw and a double blade and grater rotating at the same time. With a simple twist of the head, the nutmeg is finely ground, releasing a unique fragrant aroma. Using nutmeg in everyday cooking is now easy and convenient with the top reservoir that holds up to three nutmegs included with the mill. The contemporary designof the Daman mill will make a splendid impact on your table especially with matching Daman salt and pepper mills.