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Robert Welch Vegetable Paring Knife 3″


The 8cm/3in paring kitchen knife has a plain edge and shorter blade that is ideal for peeling, trimming and slicing fruits and vegetables. Fully forged from high quality German stainless steel with a hand applied 15° edge for superior sharpness, and an ergonomic DuPont™ handle.

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Designed in consultation with professional chefs, the award winning Signature 8cm/3″ paring knife has a plain edged, short blade which is ideal for peeling, trimming, and slicing fruits and vegetables. 

The paring knife is good for small intricate work in the kitchen, as well as peeling or scraping fruits and vegetables in your hand. 

The Japanese-style blade edge is at a 15° angle and the knife has an ergonomically shaped handle for comfort, balance and to minimize fatigue in use. 

Also available: vegetable / paring knife 10cm/4in 

Choosing the right kitchen knife, the best knife for the task at hand, makes preparing a meal easier. Selecting the perfect knife for slicing, dicing or chopping allows you to work with accuracy and cut consistently, which helps food to cook more evenly. The specially hardened, high-quality, German stainless steel used for Robert Welch Signature knives is durable, easy to clean and maintain.

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