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Philippi Margeaux Candle Holder


  • 15cm x 11cm
  • Handmade: Each Margeaux is folded by hand. No two Margeaux are alike and are absolutely unique
  • Margeaux as a Vase: The little sister puts flowers in the limelight as stylishly as the large Margeaux. Even small potted flowers find an ideal place in the MINI Margeaux.
  • Margeaux as a Candle Holder: Great lighting that shines over the folds.

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Finally, the MARGEAUX vase’s little sister has been introduced to this world and has been shining since that very first moment. These handmade one of a kind pieces immediately make their surroundings romantic, magical flickering that spreads pleasant calmness and serenity. Many years of experienced craftsmanship are required, when angular stainless steel is placed in such soft, organic folds and polished. Which once again proves: True art does originate from skill.

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