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Nora Fleming Mini Occasions Book and Mini Set


Nora Fleming’s first-ever heirloom keepsake book! Inside you will find over 70 recipes, 13 party themes, and write-in pages to commemorate the Nora Fleming journey. Mini Occasions was designed for new Nora Fleming fans and long-term collectors alike. It will be the perfect memento to add to anyone’s collection.

To make this even more unique, each book set will contain an exclusive “Mini Occasions” mini. This special mini comes with the book as a set. This mini will not be sold separately.

  • Sizing: 8 3/4″ x 11 1/4″ 
  • 288 pages

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How it works

This base works together with a Nora Fleming mini.

  1. Dab hole in base with water and insert mini into hole platter.
  2. Push mini from top then pull mini stem from under the platform rim to secure.